Veterinary professionals about LYSSETS®

MVDr. Zdeněk Cvrček, Liberec, Czech Republic

„This system allows to determine the year of vaccination from a distance. It‘s a great advantage over a microchip, as essential data needed for returning the dog can be read by every adult, without expensive microchip reader and often unsuccessful web sites searching internet lists. It‘s important to realize, that nowadays the LYSSET protects the dog and enables its retrieval.“

MVDr. G. Varga, Ph.D., (ex–president World Small Animal Veterinary Association)

„I welcome all the ideas that bring us forward, helping us to achieve a high standard in providing veterinary care for „companion  animals“ similar to USA or Canada, where private veterinary practice for small animals has already been running for decades.“

lek. wet. Krzysztof Koperski, Warszawa

„It‘s amazing! Thanks to Lysset issued at my clinic one of my client‘s dog has been found in a quick time. Now everyone is happy - the dog’s owner for getting his dog back and me for having a thankful client.“

Rick Silverman (Festival Director, Telluride, Colorado, USA, America´s first festival of mountain film):

„It‘s very practical and the usage of  LYSSETS® (Rabies tags) improves the relationship between dog owners and other people, mostly those who are less favourable towards dogs.“

lek. wet. Wojciech Halkiewicz, Szczecin

„I can‘t imagine vaccination without LYSSETS® anymore.“

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